Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I'm struggling to get bags made at the moment.  I know I need to make some more as I have very few left, however, actually getting around to making any seems to be quite impossible - I just don't feel like it!  I'm hoping my enthusiasm will return soon because I'm doing a craft fair in March and will look very silly with nothing to sell...

Here are a couple I have managed to make.

This is a crazy patchwork bag in velvet with lots of embroidery and beads, lined with purple satin.  

I've used this fabric before but this time I've added some wooden rings and made the bag a different shape, it has a cross body handle.  Unfortunately I managed to get the up the wrong way, sorry about that!

I would welcome a little encouragement to help me get started on the bag making again friends!

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  1. I enjoy seeing your creations! Are you following those who are working their way through Amy Butler's latest book? I'm thinking about doing the same with Lisa Lam's book


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