Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Yellow House Design

Some years ago I was introduced to the idea of sewing for FUN, rather than just running up the occasional pair of curtains or taking up the hems on my trousers.  I discovered, with the help of friends and the Internet, the joys of PATCHWORK AND QUILTING, which gave me so much pleasure and enjoyment I soon became addicted.  Out of this came my bag making, which began as a way of using the patchwork techniques and leftover scraps to make pretty and useful gifts for friends and family.  This pursuit quickly evolved so that I was purchasing fabric just to make bags and actually SELLING them at craft fairs, ploughing back the profits into more fabric to feed my growing addiction!  I have since had business cards printed and listed my items on Ebay, Etsy and Folksy, indeed, I have actually SOLD a few that way too!  This blog is intended as a record of how my own little 'cottage industry' progresses.  What could be better than doing something you love AND making it profitable!
I used the nameYellow House Design because the Yellow House is a beautiful place on a hillside in Crete, where I have the time to think, plan and create without the distractions of everyday life creeping in.  I hope to spend more time there in the future...

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