Monday, 20 September 2010


When I took a stall at Tissington Craft Fair earlier in the year, sales were really disappointing; I didn’t even make enough to cover the cost of my table.  I decided to give it another go though, and booked two days last weekend.  What a difference!  I sold loads!  I had people come back for more! I’ve had people phoning for items they didn’t buy on the day!  It helped that John told people from his art class to visit and they bought stuff too, but generally it had a good feel about it and I’ll definitely be booking a few dates there for next year.

Em came to visit for a few hours and we had a nice mother and daughter natter while we sat at the stall.  I also managed to do a bit of hand sewing in the quiet periods and completed quite a few hexagons for my quilt.

I sold seven cushions which I made about a year ago and, up to now, hadn’t sold even one.  I sold eight of my bags, twelve flower brooches and a few small purses.  Strangely (I thought) I didn’t sell any of my denim and floral purses, which were the ones I was sure would be most popular.  It just goes to show that you can never really predict what people are going to like!  I’m now going to concentrate on building up my stock again for the next fair in November at Melbourne Leisure Centre. 

These were two of my most popular style of bag.  I sold both of these to the same lady, who wanted them for presents.  I took an order for another, similar bag the next day but I do try to make my bags one of a kind so need to vary the design slightly.

The first bag I sold was the one with bamboo handles I made from a pattern by Lisa Lam on U-Handblog.  It's the first time I've used bought handles on a bag but I'll definitely be doing it again.  I used a pretty autumn berries and navy print which went really well with the handles.

I do really need to find a new supplier of good quality cotton, linen and canvas fabric for bags.  I only like to use natural, good quality fabrics and don’t always like to use quilting cottons as I find they need a lot of extra interfacing to make a good, sturdy bag.  My regular supplier of furnishing fabric remnants appears to have gone out of business L.  Ikea is good, as is The Fabric Guild, and there are a couple of shops in Derby I use, but I’m always on the lookout for good furnishing fabric shops!  If anyone out there has information to share I'll be very very grateful!


  1. Jenny, I'm so happy you sold loads. You must have learnt from your first time! Oh, the black and white one was a hit! You've got a winner. If any of my items which I believe would sell did not sell a single one, I would tweak the price a little. Once I priced a new design at $45 but nothing. A friend suggested $43 and it sold immediately!

  2. Glad you had a lovely time, sold plenty and had plenty of girly time with your daughter

  3. Jenny, your booth looked lovely and I'm so glad that you had a successful Fair. I hope that the one in November will be just as successful. I'm looking forward to mine in November, too. And it should be interesting to see what sells and what doesn't!




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