Wednesday, 11 August 2010


OK I know the 'mountain' is a bit flat but that is what I had in mind when I designed this bag, having watched the full moon come up over the mountains on a couple of evenings while I was away.  It's just the kind of bag I like, being lovely and 'squashy' but very sturdy.  I bought this fabric a few weeks ago with just this type of appliqued bag in mind,  I think it's worked really well with the brown and duck egg blue.  The lining is some cotton I've had for a while, waiting for just the right project and I made sure I put plenty of pockets in it.

It took ages and several tries before I got the magnetic closure just right.  I realise now that I need to plan these details before starting on a bag and not halfway through!  Turned out OK in the end though.

I love how the lining has lots of  'movement' in it.  Just like the sea...  (Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about?) 

John's been busy too while I've been away on holiday, he's started attending a watercolour painting class to try and concentrate on something other than work.  This is his first project - you may disagree but I think it's pretty good!


  1. You know when I looked at your bag, I thought the blue with the waves was the mountain and the brown was the flat land! John's first project is fantastic!!

  2. Very nice bag, Jenny! I love the color combination of dark brown and duck egg blue. And I think your husband's first watercolor is fantastic...watercolors aren't easy to do!



  3. Jennie, I think your husband's painting is wonderful. If that is his first one, wait till he gets some experience. Your bag is great too. Love the lining fabric. Winona


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